Next Gen WildTrak Ranger – Tray & Box Combo

Sexy as Next Gen Ranger Tray and Box Combo ❤


Fabricated by The Best Boys and Girls in the Business.


A True Combination Of Original Obieco Tray Design:

Profiled 3 inch loading board

Heavy Duty Sideboards

Designed  To Take Short and Long Sideboards

Heavy Duty Alloy Flooring Raptor Lined

Polished Stainless Steel Rope Rails

Smartly Tapered Toolboxes Allows Full Use of Toolbox Floor

Ring Polished Stainless Steel Toolbox Doors and Flares

Ring Polished Stainless Steel  Mudguards

Ring Polished Stainless Steel Sideboard Protection

Rear Ring Polished Stainless Steel L.E.D Truck Light Panel

Custom Camera and Rear Parking Sensor Relocation

Custom 50 Litre Stainless Steel Under Tray Water Tank


Profile Dog Box:

All Alloy Construction

Internal Hinged Door , Keeps The Pan Lickers Separated When Needed. Or The Groceries Safe from The Pan Lickers.

Powered For Fridge

Internal Lighting

Slide In Windows Keeps The Pan Lickers Dry When Needed.

Heavy Duty Door Locks with Padlock Capability


Combo Finished in Quality Two Toned Colour Scheme:

Special Matt Black / Factory Matched Aluminium Silver.