What accessories would you like to add to your custom Obieco Industries tray build?

Here you will find the multiple choices available at the time of quoting and confirming your very own custom built Obieco Industries tray.

Remember, if you are wanting to ‘add on’ to your existing Obieco Industries tray, some options may not be available due to the difficulty in adding to your already built tray. Pricing may vary in this circumstance.

Unfortunately, these accessory options are NOT available for another manufacturer’s tray build. So if it is not an Obieco Industries tray, we will not be able to assist with accessory options.

Standard Removable Rear Ladder Rack

76mm Canopy Bars

76mm Loading Board

76mm Removable Rear Ladder Rack

Ring polish stainless head board

Polished stainless rope rail

Stainless steel ring polish door & flare

Stainless rear panel – round LED lights

Stainless ring polish 25L water tank

Rectangular LED Lights

Stainless steel side board protection

3-in-1 LED tail light

Overcentre latches

Alloy tray floor


Bike ramps

Chemical Sides

Ladder pins

Poly side board edging

Raptor lined fold down goose neck

Single cab tipper body

Timber floor

Tipper body

Tipper Body With Alloy Floor

Under Tray Trundle Draw