Commercial Helicopter’s + Fleet Helicopters

The Obieco team are extremely proud and humble with some of the challenges we except from the ideas of unique clients.
Here is an awesome example of one of the many we do but this one is extra special and a clear example on what sets Obieco apart from “Just Another Body Builder” further proof we are the innovators not the imitators 👍.
To never shy away from a challenge and knowing we the most incredible team of trade professionals standing proudly beside us to achieve these crazy ideas.
Here we have constructed a mobile Helicopter landing pad where the person pops up from down below while Helicopter lands on the fold up hydraulic landing pad with rotors still spinning and fast fuels the machine with both chemical and fuel and then flys off for the next series of passes then returns to do it all again 🤟💪.
Some items we make are just really cool ones like thisĀ 💥😎.
Thanks to Commercial Helicopter’s and Fleet Helicopter’s for allowing us to build you this masterpiece 👏 👌 🙌 🤟